Sensei Javier Garriga
Chief Instructor

"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday" Master Kano

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  Houston, Texas 

Westlake Judo Club of Houston, Texas offers a friendly, supportive, and CHALLENGING atmosphere. All ages are welcome!  If you're searching for a Judo club in Houston, Texas, you just found it! 

 Westlake Judo Club Creed
"I will use judo to improve my mind and body."
"I will use judo with minimum effort and maximum efficiency." 
"I will use judo for the mutual benefit of myself and others.

Goals Require Internal Toughness

Grit (noun): a spirit that cannot be defeated

Making good grades, learning to play an instrument, getting a job promotion, or getting physically fit.  All of these achievements have one thing in common.  They all take hard work, lots of practice, and the internal strength to never give up.  In other words, they all require a lot of grit

Jigoro Kano, the father of judo, said the ultimate goal of learning judo is to learn discipline.  Why is discipline so important?  Because a person with great discipline can achieve almost anything.  And since discipline requires grit, the official Kodokan emblem was chosen to mean just that: “a spirit that cannot be defeated”.  By studying judo, we learn to push ourselves hard, to study hard, to think hard, and to always do our best, no matter what we are doing.  A real judoka never quits just because the going gets tough.

To this end, we challenge you to train to pass the Westlake G.R.I.T. test, a physical fitness challenge designed to test the strength of your spirit.  The practice and determination needed to pass this test will help build the foundation of internal strength and discipline needed for you to achieve anything in life.  

Sensei Javier Garriga performing his Uchi-Mata at the Houston Open Judo Tournament             


Westlake Judo Club, 2019

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