Sensei Javier Garriga
Chief Instructor

Tutorials and Training

Ways to Earn Merits at Westlake Judo Club

Demonstrate positive attitude and excellent character for a prolonged period of time
Volunteer a substantial amount of your time to help those in need.  For example:
o Habitat for Humanity
o Food Drives
o Big Brother/Big Sister
o Animal Shelters
o Fundraisers for charities
o Tutoring children in reading/science/arts
o Others (see Sensei Garriga)
Make good grades in grade school, college, or university
Take leadership positions at a church, business, or non-profit organization
Become a certified judo referee
Substantially improve your proficiency with Japanese as it relates to judo
Attend judo class
Compete in a judo competition
Promote judo on a large scale
Help Westlake Judo Club grow, improve, and benefit the community
Help your fellow judokas improve substantially over a prolonged period of time
Do exceptionally well in a judo competition

On Naming Judo
by Jigoro Kano, Father of Judo

"There are two reasons why I avoided the term 'jujitsu'. One is that there were jujitsu schools which often indulged in violent and dangerous techniques in throwing or twisting arms and legs. Seeing these things, many people came to believe jujitsu was harmful. Again, in an exercise hall where supervision was inadequate, the senior pupils would wantonly throw down juniors or pick quarrels, so that jujitsu was despised as something that made rowdies of young men. I wished to show that what I taught was not a dangerous thing, and would not needlessly injure any person, that it was not the jujitsu as it was taught by some people , and that it was 'judo', an entirely different thing.

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